Beige Calf & Leg Moderate Compression Socks - 15-20 mmHg

Treat My Feet


  • MEDICAL GRADE SOCKS FOR ACTIVE FEET AND LEGS – instant pain relief and effective recovery aid for tired, swollen legs and feet.

  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION GIVING VARIED SUPPORT IN ALL THE RIGHT AREAS – on ball of the foot and up the calf, significantly increasing blood circulation yet allowing for free movement and no pinching of toes (15-20 mmHg).

  • IMPROVES ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE – increased circulation will allow you to push harder during workouts, run further if you are an endurance athlete without getting tired and painful feet and calves by absorbing impact on lower legs. Will also help prevent shin splints and aid recovery post workout.

  • PREVENTS WORSENING OF MANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS – relieves any ailments related to swelling legs or feet, varicose veins, plantar fasciitis etc. Aids recovery after surgery and helps to prevent blood clots. Perfect for frequent flyers to prevent DVT.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT, DURABLE, ANTI-ODOR AND LONG-LASTING – tough nylon and spandex combination ensures socks are thick, yet super-soft and non-irritating. Material will not lose any compression on washing.


Trying to find a pair of compression socks which will prevent foot and leg pain when exercising or from being on your feet all day?

Need medical grade socks which are easy enough to get on, yet remain tight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time?

Need effective relief from conditions such as varicose veins, shin splints, swelling or other calf and foot pain?

Treat My Feet Graduated compression socks are medical grade and are tailored to provide graduated support to the right areas from the ball, right around the foot and up through the calf, significantly improving blood circulation aiding recovery and relieving pain

These compression socks are comfortable to wear; not too tight, yet tight enough to ensure that you are suffering no ill-effects after a long workout or being on your feet after a long shift

Perfect to help aid recovery after surgery

Check out the benefits:

• Unique combination of nylon and spandex for super-soft feeling, no itching or rubbing, and anti-odor protection. Simply wash and leave to air dry, and material won’t lose any compression

• Improved athletic performance, you’ll be able to run further and faster without suffering calf or foot pain, and decrease recovery time in between workouts

• No need to worry about DVT if you are a frequent traveler

• Stylish design means you won’t be embarrassed wearing them

We’re so confident you’ll love our Treat My Feet compression socks that if you don’t, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked

Click Add to Cart at the Top of the Page, and look forward to no aching feet at the end of the day, relief from varicose veins, and no swollen legs! Buy another pair for when one set is being washed!

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