Breathable, Comfy Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Treat My Feet


💤 TMF - Planter Fasciitis Night Splint - Help Your Feet Feel Amazing!

Tired of trying Night Splints that don't provide constant AND adjustable stretching or won't even reach the sole of your feet? STOP! Take a STRETCHY leap into our PREMIUM Plantar Night Splint for Women! Get the absolute freedom to adjust the PERFECT lift and angle yourself, just enough to FEEL RIGHT and sleep tight all night.

👣 Flexible YET Firm Orthopedic Support

We've chosen the stretchiest, lightweight, dynamic fabrics that provide just the right mix of compression & elasticity. Your feet, arches, and heels will thank you! No restricted blood flow.

✔️ 3 Highly Adjustable Straps

The fully adjustable design stretches the calf and plantar fascia as you sleep, reducing the pressure from the areas of the foot that are inflamed. BRACE yourself for a nice, comfy feeling!

🚶🏼 Keep Your Feet Cool AND Dry at All Times!

TMF Plantar Fasciitis Brace Night Splint cutting-edge construction uses ONLY odor-free, anti-bacterial and anti-itch textures. No nasty odors trapped. You can use it as much as you wish - your feet will feel fresh! Just what they crave for through pain and swelling!

👍 Why choose TMF - TreatMyFeet?

We believe that your feet deserve better! For people who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or pain in the bottom of their feet - let's alleviate feet discomfort, tiredness and soreness TOGETHER. Show your feet some love by picking products that are healthy, safe, flexible AND snug fit. Free your feet!

🎁 Special Gift Included

To show our full support for your recovery, with every TMF Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support order, you receive a Cute YET Durable Massage Roller, ready to release all that deep tension and make you tendons happy. Made of high-quality, solid YET elastic rubber!

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